Sunday, December 11, 2005

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy Seen Going Out Together

Both were semi-iconic figures of “our" generation. Richard was, himself, an older-end “generational member”, although he preceded the “baby boomer” designation. As all good semi-iconic members of my generation would be, they were both what I’d call “free thinkers”. And both were strong proponents of the Truth, in their respective fields. Courage was another essential characteristic they shared. They both died on Saturday morning, the Tenth of December, just two days after the 25th anniversary of the murder of an even greater mega-icon to our generation, John Lennon. The news clips I found listed Richard’s death at 8:00 a.m., but I could only find “early Saturday morning” for the former Senator. So, who knows if, indeed, Richard was prior? Both were as notable for their potential contributions to our world as for their actual ones, in my estimation. McCarthy provided hope to us idealists as to our ability to revolutionize our political system, with its corruptness and “evilness”. But, alas, we were naïve, lacked organization and savvy, and it was not to be, at least to the extent to which we dreamed it would. So, McCarthy’s actual accomplishments were limited by the depth and vastness that the “evil” was (is) entrenched within our society, without the contravening power on the other (“our”) side. Pryor’s contribution to the world of comedy and creative expression was cut short by his debilitating progressive illness. I look forward to a world that is much more generous in its actual delivery relative to its potential, probably arriving well after I, too, am gone.

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