Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Redistribution of Wealth

How about the rich adopt a needy American family? For example, if a family (or individual) that makes $500,000.00 a year adopts a needy family of four and sets aside only 20% of their annual income for the adopted family, this latter one will do great, while the donor family (or individual) is still doing four times as great! What average, struggling family of as many as four couldn't do well on $100,000 a year? As a father of two kids and with a wife, I know I'd be willing to participate if I were in the "rich" category and it were a somewhat widespread practice to be thusly philanthropic among those of us who could afford it. It would also help the tax base. More people would have more resources, so that even the former strugglers would be happier and more generous (have things or money to be generous with). Everywhere we went, rich and otherwise, our social environment would be light years better. So, it’s in the best even self-interest of the rich to share on this scale by contributing tremendously to the quality of the world they and their families live in. It would be a great mistake for them not to.


Anonymous said...

Don't start or end a sentence with a preposition. Your proposition is something with which I agree.

Anonymous said...

I Am Doing Redistribution Of Wealth As A School Project And I Really Don't Understand What It Is. Every Site I Google It Gives Me Websites That Are Just Talking About Things Happening With It...And I Really Don't Understand... If Someone Could Please Give Like A Definition...Or Maybe Some Examples Or Whatever You Think Would Help. I Need This Answer Quick! Thanks