Thursday, March 16, 2006

Email to Kevin Martin, Chairman of the FCC

Your attacks on free speech by levying heavy fines on CBS & other networks are far more offensive and have a far worse effect on society than any of the slightly sexual content you purport to be against. And, your motives appear to be as bad as any I could think of, short of sadism. Your actions reek of discomfort with your own sexuality, self-political promotion, and monetary greed. Any claims of "standing up for morality", or such, on your part, are transparent rationalizations for the above-listed motives. My advice? - Resign your post and get some much-needed psychotherapy.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Dare The FBI

How long will it take for the American people to mobilize enough to constitute a force sufficient to push or beat back the descent of their rapidly eroding rights – to make the critical turnaround from hyperbolic, to-some-extent-paranoid concerns regarding terrorism to more warranted concerns for losing the freedoms this country is supposed to be about? This indecent descent into elimination of our right to dissent in this nation is being perpetrated by the political crooks that the voters have ignorantly put into office. The “Patriot” Act’s renewal, in virtually unfettered form, is sailing its way through Congress, as though on the wings of some fetid, slimy lubricant, as I write this piece.
I was moved to hear the recounting of the plight of Laura Berg, on Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now, this morning. Ms. Berg is a Veteran’s Administration nurse in New Mexico who was accused of sedition!! for simply having written a letter to the editor of her local paper that was critical of the administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq. She felt very threatened and intimidated as she was informed that the FBI had been notified and V.A. representatives took her computer “into custody”.
Meanwhile, The President displays a contemptuous, arrogant attitude when he readily claims that, in the name of “national security”, his rights (to snoop, spy on us, disregard torture, etc.) are without limits as ours shrink. Well, I, for one, refuse to give up my First Amendment rights to express my contempt as I see fit in response to this travesty. In fact, I am more compelled to use these rights as they are increasingly under attack. And I DARE the FBI or any other group or individual to just try and silence me. I’m not intimidated, because I know just what my moral imperatives are and no one’s big enough or bad enough to stop me from acting on them.