Monday, November 11, 2013

My Life

I seem to have used to have had more to say – in general and more frequently.  Maybe it comes from being as old as I am and having fallen so short from achieving my former dreams and goals.  I accept much responsibility for this, largely comprised of procrastination; choosing comfort over work, pain, discomfort, and accomplishment, but I also hold a sizable number of others accountable.  They've blocked, prevented, and sabotaged opportunities I otherwise might have had. They've ranged from having done so out of simply mindless ignorance to actually having actively, intentionally fought me; often in ways I haven’t even been aware of.  So, yes, I shoulder considerable resentments. But, in regard to them, my shoulders are broad, and I have even more strength and endurance than my burdens require.  So, the overall quality of my life is far short of what it otherwise would have been, but I also have many and substantial good things.  Among these are a good head on my shoulders; great kids, wife, mother, dog; a large share of physical comforts and pleasures; and a life of many, varied, and substantial experiences.  I neither thank nor curse.