Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yoo, Bibey, and Karma

Yoo and Bibey - No whitewashing of their heinous crimes against humanity will diminish the extreme heinosity of them one iota. Veritable exoneration by cowardly and/or corrupt current Obama cronies will do nothing to obscure or at all lessen the harshest of judgment meted in the eyes of those of us who see, clearly, what Truth is, for all time. I believe that the most “evil” and sociopathic among us, which undoubtedly Yoo and Bibey are in the ranks of, underneath, in their most buried subconscious have a “subconscience”, and know, on the most self-obfuscated level, that they are, alas, who they are, and the true revilent nature of what they have done. Thus, ultimate “karma” and justice exist and prevail. Without attributing it to a “God”-type being, I do believe in ultimate justice or karma in the universe, so that they who do wrong eventually are commensurately and appropriately punished, although I still can’t reconcile this belief with why those of us who do or at least attempt and intend good ever have to suffer as we do, even often way beyond what makes the slightest sense.