Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am Your Dream

The me that (who) you always knew as me, as alive and me, is still alive or exists and is aware, and I AM your dream. See?; You are not just dreaming about me, I am me, and am your dream. I am now your dream. But, I still have my own, autonomous awareness and self-awareness. I know that you are dreaming of me, and I still feel myself as myself, as I always have. My “material” form has changed, but my self-awareness is as it ever was. You can no longer “see” me when you are awake, but I can still feel me, as I always have. You can no longer hear my voice, but I still think my thoughts and feel my feelings. I can still see and hear you, and can even, now, “read” your thoughts and feelings, as well as my own, and I love you – as much as ever!

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