Wednesday, April 11, 2007

About Blogging

Blogging is a way of acquiring some measure of immortality. Many of my most important dreams might have been squashed, but, at least I can say some things (like this) that have a good chance of living on well after I’m “gone”. These entries (“postings”, as “they” like to call them) are “expressions” of or by me and, by extension, are “extensions” of me. They capture, in a specific, maybe narrow form, part of me over a relatively brief span of always-fleeting time. A moment approaches, and then it’s gone…forever. So, we take pictures…and make movies…and paint pictures…and make music. – All of these actions often directly come from the deep, primal urge to immortalize ourselves – to embed our handprints wherever; somewhere along the universal walk-of-fame of all time and all people. This compulsion to make as firm and permanent a mark as possible is intertwined with, if not equivalent to, our need to belong – to be a vital cell within the body of The Great Organism. We, collectively, are the true “God”. We can each be seen and felt and touched, as we all can, together. This conception of God is critically, essentially different from the conventional one, in that we KNOW that we are real and we exist; belief has nothing to do with it. There can be no such thing as an atheist in a “religion” that puts collective humanity in place as its central God. Can anyone even agnostically doubt his or her own existence? I know that I, as a “cell” exist; I can “hear” my own thoughts and feel my own pain, and I pretty-well-equally believe that you all are out there, though I can’t hear your thoughts, nor feel your pain (I make no pretense of, nor hold no illusions of being Bill Clinton). Yet he, as separate from me, is equally a cell of this great, all-time, all-place All-Humanity Being. Of course, I can feel my pain from learning of your suffering, which is empathy and/or compassion, but I can’t feel yours, directly, as you do.

We are evolving, people. We are seeing and learning that mean-spiritedness and selfishness (when destructive toward others) serves neither you nor I, in the long-run. We see that Imus, though as much a “cell” as anyone, has lost his privileged position for being his all-too-long-rewarded, carelessly callous public persona, and, as such, he did humanity wrong. Who’s next to go? – Carlos Mencia? I never found race-bating type humor to be particularly funny. These “comics” seem to like to see themselves as being “on the cutting edge”, but they’re more “cutting” than “on the edge”. But, evolution happens. We don’t need to impose more censorship to rid ourselves of these toxic cells; they just ultimately get pushed to the wayside by the body’s miraculous immune system. We learn that some cells, that have been passing as healthy (materially prosperous) are, in fact, infected, toxic, and must be isolated, removed, reprogrammed, regrooved. Now, I don’t think that I’d call Imus the collective body’s equivalent to a “cancer cell”; Hitler was a full-blown cancer cell; but he has been a diseased and infectious one. Maybe he just needs to be “cured” and sent back to work in a more commensurate, menial position.

I blog, and We are God.

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