Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our Border is Broken

That’s right; our border is broken. But, I’m not talking about the border you probably think I am. Yes, I am talking about America’s border, but not the physical one that delineates us, geographically. I’m talking about the border that separates us from what we shouldn’t be, or what we’re supposed to be opposed to and who we are. This border has always been very clear, rivaling the geographical one for clarity and concreteness. But now, with the caving in and bending over to Bush and his sociopathic cronies, the most horrific truth possible has become extant; we are who or (more aptly) “what” we should be against. It’s like the Twilight Zone where the guy gets everything he wants, only to look in the mirror and find out he’s become Hitler. Ladies and Gentleman, I submit to you, hopefully for your disapproval, that we have, indeed, become Hitler!

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